Great 1 And Only Russian Model Jeny Smith

About Russian Model Jeny Smith:

AKA: Sexy Jeny Smith
Country:Russian Federation ru
Born:January 1986
First Seen:2008
Measurements:32C 35-25-35
Body Type:Slim
Height:160 cm, 5 ft 3 in
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Gray
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Biography Of Russian Model Jeny Smith:

Good day, guys! Jeny Smith is my name, and I’m a little bit of a showgirl… Posing naked for my hubby made me so hot that we ended up having insane sex every time we took pictures. I never imagined I’d end up as a model like I do now. I was just trying to get my pussy moist by posing naked…

Posing outside was the most thrilling part of taking shots, I discovered afterwards. When I pose naked in public, I get a hot and insane emotion that I can’t articulate. The danger of being discovered is great! Hidden flashing is my style. Only those who wish to see me naked will be able to do so.

Wearing transparent clothing is a fetish of mine. My fetish is to go out in public wearing transparent clothing and behave as if nothing is wrong with it. In addition, I am a big lover of seamless pantyhose. (Russian Model Jeny Smith).

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Russian Model Jeny Smith
Russian Model Jeny Smith
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