Great 1 And Only German Model Fiona Fuchs

About Fiona Fuchs:

AKA: Fiona Fuchs
Country:German German Models
Born:February 1997
First Seen:2018
Body Type:Normal
Height:172 cm, 5 ft 8 in
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Categories:Car, Home Sex, Just Legal Teen Sex
Content:Busty, POV, Teen Sex

Biography Of Fiona Fuchs:

Fiona Fuchs was born in Cologne, Germany, on February 1, 1997. Fiona began her professional career as an amateur in 2018. She has so far published almost 60 amateur pornographic videos. She has a lot of outside scenes that she has filmed. She enjoys doggie and horseback riding. She was also highlighted in the German press and on television multiple times, for example, in the ZDF documentary “Milliardengeschäft Porno” (“multi-billion dollar business porn”).

Fiona studied business sciences in Munich, Bavaria, before embarking on her pornographic career. Her shoulder, waist, rips, and upper leg are all covered in tattoos. Her nipples, as well as her bellybutton, are pierced. She is noted for her determination, sensuality, tenderness, wit, and authenticity. In your spare time she likes to do yoga.

Images Of Fiona Fuchs:

German Model Fiona Fuchs
German Model Fiona Fuchs
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